First Super Bowl With Legalized Sports Betting in Nebraska

(KFOR NEWS  February 9, 2022)  Super Bowl 56 will be the first Super Bowl for legalized sports betting in Nebraska.  The Legislature legalized it in May of last year.  30 states and the District of Columbia now offer it.

The gambling industry’s national trade group estimates a record 31.5 million Americans plan to bet on this year’s Super Bowl. The American Gaming Association has released its annual predictions for wagering on pro football’s championship game, forecasting that over $7.6 billion will be bet.

Bettors range from casual wagers with friends or relatives, entries into office pools, wagers with licensed sportsbooks, and bets placed with illegal bookmakers.

Since last year’s game, 45 million additional people will be able to bet on the Super Bowl because their states have legalized sports betting over the past year.

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