Former Husker Football Player, Emergency Dispatcher Meet Weeks After Medical Episode

LINCOLN–(KFOR Jan. 24)–A Lincoln 911 emergency dispatcher and the family of a former Nebraska football great, now CEO of TeamMates finally got to meet, nearly two weeks after a medical emergency.

Demoine Adams had suffered a pulmonary embolism at his Lincoln home early on the morning of January 13 and after his wife, Fara, called 911, she talked to dispatcher Joey Mims.

Until paramedics could arrive, Mims helped Fara Adams over the phone to administer live-saving measures. Mims on Wednesday talked about what he remembers during the call, indicating it was originally thought as a seizure.

“She was a willing participant. He did become conscious before LFR arrived,” Mims said. “Upon arrival, they said he was upright and breathing.”

The 43-year-old Adams remembers waking up at 2am feeling tightness in his chest.

“I decided to get up and walk toward the restroom and felt myself getting dizzy and lightheaded,” Demoine Adams said on Wednesday. “Turned back around and went toward the bed and that’s all I remember.”

Fara Adams woke up after hearing Demoine hit the floor.

“He was not responsive, and I knew something was wrong, so I called 911, they answered right away,” she said.

Mims gave Fara Adams information over the phone to do live-saving measures and it was about two to three minutes before Demoine Adams was responsive. He was rushed to the hospital. They later found out he had a small blood clot on his lungs and test results are pending on what caused it.

“I’m an occupational therapist at Madonna, and I have never had to do CPR. The first time I did it was on my husband, so that was very emotional,” said Fara Adams. “It was very unreal that this was happening to my loved one right in front of me and I would be the one to try to do something to stop it.”

The 43-year-old former Husker football player has always been healthy and never expected this, and for him to meet one of the people who helped keep him alive means everything.

“All of the individuals that are in the people business serving others, it is a business that goes unthanked,” Demoine Adams said.