LINCOLN (KFOR NEWS – August 7, 2019) — Former Lincoln Police Officer Scott Bierle, 26, was convicted on Monday for Providing Alcohol to a Minor. Below is the full statement from Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister.

“On August 5th, 2019, a Lancaster County jury convicted former Lincoln Police Officer Scott Bierle of Procuring Alcohol to a Minor. 

Previously, in December of 2018, Lincoln Police Chief Bliemeister requested that Lancaster County Sheriff Terry Wagner initiate a criminal investigation concerning an incident in which Bierle provided alcohol to his 19-year-old girlfriend. 

In early January of 2019, LSO investigators cited Bierle for Procuring Alcohol to a Minor. Immediately following the issuance of these citations, Chief Bliemeister initiated an internal investigation which concluded in late January of 2019. The next step in the due process afforded to Bierle and detailed in Lincoln Police Department General Order 1430 was being scheduled when he submitted his letter of resignation on January 29th, 2019. Bierle was employed by the Lincoln Police Department for four years. 

The Lincoln Police Department works rigorously to build trust with the people of Lincoln. When we become aware that an LPD employee may have committed a policy or law violation, we thoroughly investigate the incident, including referring the criminal investigation to an outside law enforcement agency, if necessary. We appreciate the work of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office and the Lancaster County Attorney’s Office in this investigation. 

The actions of this employee are in contrast to LPD’s mission, goals, and culture, namely, dedicated public service, community partnerships, and fair and impartial policing. We do not tolerate such conduct, and this incident does not define the over 500 LPD employees who honorably serve the Lincoln community every day.”