Fortenberry & Sasse Back Constitutional Amendment On Court Size

Washington, D.C.  (April 15, 2021)  Nebraska U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, issued a statement opposing legislation backed by Democrats to increase the size of the Supreme Court.

“Here are some facts: The Supreme Court isn’t supposed to be America’s super-legislature; Democrats don’t have some historic mandate in a 50-50 Senate to nuke the Court; the progressive activists who wrote this bill are high on their own supply; and a whole bunch of sane Democrats are quietly praying this thing dies. The court-packing bill is delusional.”

Nebraska First District Congressman Jeff Fortenberry agreed to sign onto a constitutional amendment to mandate that the number of Supreme Court justices remain at nine.

“Attempting to ‘pack’ the Supreme Court failed nearly 100 years ago, and it should fail now.  It’s a bad idea—a purely heavy-handed political attempt to push through what cannot be achieved through the ballot box,” Fortenberry said.

“Packing the Supreme Court will set off a judicial arms race leading to a never-ending push to add more justices on all courts for political advantage, further weakening the respect, authority, and independence of our court system,” Fortenberry added.

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