(KFOR May 11, 2019)  Each year, AAA produces its Green Car Guide, which rates electric vehicles as well as hybrids and highly fuel efficient cars based on criteria such as ride quality, safety, and performance.  Consumers who are on the fence will find that this guide can be a valuable resource for learning more about electric and other environmentally friendly vehicles.   There are many options when it comes to shopping for an electric vehicle.  The AAA Green Car Guide can help first-time and even return buyers navigate the marketplace and dispel misconceptions they may have about these types of vehicles.  AAA’s Top Green Car winners, detailed evaluation criteria, vehicle reviews, and in-depth analysis of the green vehicle industry can be found at www.AAA.com/greencar.  The website features the free 2019 AAA Green Car Guide eBook.  Its 217 pages are filled with valuable information for those interested in electric, hybrids and highly fuel efficient vehicles.