Gov. Ricketts Proclaims May “Renewable Fuels Month” in Nebraska

LINCOLN, NE (May 28, 2021) – Governor Pete Ricketts today signed a proclamation designating May 2021 as Renewable Fuels Month in Nebraska during a ceremony at U-Stop convenience store.  Following the proclamation signing, the Governor took part in a pump promotion to encourage Nebraskans to fill up their vehicles with ethanol fuel blends.

 “Renewable fuels save drivers money at the pump, clean up the environment, and create great opportunities for Nebraska’s farm and ranch families,” said Gov. Ricketts.  “Nebraska is the second-leading producer of ethanol in the United States.  Our ethanol industry provides great-paying jobs for 1,400 Nebraskans.  Earlier this year, the State of Nebraska completed a study to demonstrate that E30 is safe and reliable to use in vehicles that are not flex fuels.  Promoting this research is one of the many ways we’re working to grow Nebraska by increasing the volume of ethanol in our nation’s fuel supply.”

 Gov. Ricketts was joined by representatives from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA), the Nebraska Corn Board, the Nebraska Ethanol Board, and Renewable Fuels Nebraska for today’s event.

 “Renewable fuels add value for our ag producers, economy, and consumers,” said NDA Director Steve Wellman.  “Farmers, ranchers, and livestock feeders see value through the grain markets and feed rations.  Renewable fuels add value to our economy by creating jobs and adding to the tax base.  Consumers receive value through lower prices at the pumps and reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.  In summary, renewable fuels boost Nebraska’s grain and livestock sectors, add to our thriving economy, and improve the air we breathe.”

 “As a corn farmer, the ethanol industry plays a vital role in my livelihood,” said David Bruntz, chairman of the Nebraska Corn Board and a farmer from Friend.  “In addition to driving demand for Nebraska corn, ethanol benefits me as a consumer.  When I choose higher blends of ethanol at the pump, I’m saving money and doing my part to clean up our air.  Ethanol is the here-and-now solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve our environment.  Everyone wins with ethanol!”

 “An important thing people can do to support renewable fuels in Nebraska is to ask their retailers to add E15 and higher blends,” said Jan tenBensel, Chairman of the Nebraska Ethanol Board.  “E15 is going to be the new standard fuel in Nebraska and in the Midwest, and in a few years, it will be the standard fuel in the United States.”

 Nebraska now has 105 fuel retailers offering E15 and 122 retailers offering E85.

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