Lincoln, NE  (April 13, 2020) Governor Pete Ricketts says The State of Nebraska and its residents have responded as well as can be expected to the corona virus pandemic.

During his statewide call-in show on KFOR Monday, the Governor said he still believes that Nebraskans are following the social guidelines and don’t need more strict regulations.

“We want Nebraska to do the right thing and if you see how Nebraskans have responded to this emergency, they’ve done the right thing,” said Ricketts.

A caller said that it’s been rumored that people who recover from the virus might be forced to give blood in order to make anti bodies available for vaccine. The Governor responded that he believes any such donations should be voluntary.

“I can’t imagine they would try and do something where it’d be required of people, again, this is still America, we still have our individual freedoms,” Ricketts answered.

Ricketts also said that the Government of China, and the World Health Organization, will have to answer some hard questions.

“Up until January 20, both the Chinese Communist Party and the World Health Organization had said that there was no person-to-person transmission,” said Ricketts.

The Governor said he doesn’t know whether the nation would be able to recover any of the two trillion dollar stimulus package funding, but said there does need to be accountability.

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