Governor:  “They Followed All The Rules”

Lincoln, NE (July 11, 2022)  Controversy lingered after Saturday’s Republican State Convention.  It centered around the election of a new Party Chairman and a dispute over the seating of several delegates.  Governor Pete Ricketts was asked on his statewide call-in show Monday on KFOR whether he will support former Lancaster County Republican Chair Eric Underwood.  He said he will.

“Eric’s the new leader for the Nebraska Republican Party, and I look forward to seeing his plan with regard to what he’s going to do to elect Republicans.  I’m a Republican, so that shouldn’t shock anybody. ”

The Governor said despite the controversy surrounding the convention, he believes the change was done correctly and all rules were followed.

“Everybody followed the rules and it was all done appropriately and the committee changed their rules, changed the constitution, and so the parliamentary process takes time, but all the rules were followed with regard to that convention.”

As far as moving forward, “I’ve had conversations with the outgoing chair and the outgoing executive director, to make sure the incoming chair, Eric Underwood and his team get the transition smoothly.  Eric’s going to have to do the work to put together his team but he should get access to all the things he needs to run the party.”

The Governor said even though some delegates were not satisfied with the way disputes were handled, he believes all party rules were followed.