Governor:  “Trump Not Responsible For January 6 Riot”

Lincoln, NE (June 13, 2022)  Governor Pete Ricketts is not in agreement with Democrats on the January 6th committee. On his statewide call-in show on KFOR Monday, the Governor agreed with a caller that the attack on the capital was a terrible incident in our history, but did not blame the President.

“Every one of those people who broke the law that day did so of their own volition.  And, that’s what we believe in this country.  That you’re responsible for committing your crimes.  Nobody else is responsible for committing your crimes for you.”

Asked by the caller whether he would support Mr. Trump in any future bids for office, the Governor said the Trump legislative agenda was “fantastic”.

“We had more Americans working than at any time in our history, we had the lowest African-American, Latino-American unemployment rates, Asian-American unemployment rates.  It was just a time when we saw tremendous economic opportunity in our Country.”

In Contrast, the Governor called Biden Administration policies on the economy “horrible.”

“In grocery stores, prices are up 10% over where they were last year, gasoline’s probably about double from where it was a year ago, and it can be tied back to just these horrible policies that are coming out of Washington , D.C.”

Ricketts also said some of former President Trump’s complaints about the 2020 election should receive closer examination.

“I think if you go back and look at what happened in States like Pennsylvania, and it just happened again, where the Courts are ignoring State Law.  I think that raises a lot of questions about Election integrity.  It just happened in this Republican Primary, where the State said you don’t have to have an absentee ballot that’s signed.”

The caller asked whether Governor Ricketts had watched either of the January 6 Committee hearings, and the Governor said he had not.