Health Department Reports More Covid Cases Friday

Lincoln, NE (October 15, 2021)  Last Tuesday, Health Director Pat Lopez said Lancaster County’s Covid-19 case numbers were moving in the right direction:  downward.  The average daily number of new cases was 135 at the end of August, and had dropped to 75 by the end of last week.  Lopez said that when case numbers average around 45 per day she could consider easing other restrictions such as the mask mandate.

Today’s new confirmed cases went in the wrong direction, totaling 125.

No deaths were reported today.  The Pandemic Death Toll in Lancaster County now stands at 302.

74.5 % of the County’s 16+ population is now vaccinated.  The Covid-19 Risk Dial is in the upper Yellow range, indicating a moderate risk of spread.

The next official briefing on statistics, directed health measures, and the Covid-19 Risk Dial will be Tuesday.