Herbster Files Lawsuit Over Groping Claims

Omaha, NE (April 22, 2022) – Today, Republican Candidate for Governor Charles W. Herbster filed a lawsuit against Nebraska State Senator Julie Slama.  The suit was filed in the District Court of Johnson County, Nebraska. The lawsuit, according to a statement from Herbster’s campaign, “seeks judgment in order to restore Charles Herbster’s good name and reputation and to oppose the false claims made against him.”

Slama, and 7 other unidentified women, told The Nebraska Examiner that Herbster had groped them or inappropriately touched them during political events over the past several years.

The statement from Herbster went on to say “Our legal system is based on a presumption of innocence. Trial by media and public opinion strips the protections granted to all citizens by our Constitution. It is not a coincidence that the accusations which are the subject of the lawsuit were made just days before an election.”

Herbster stated, “As set forth in my lawsuit, the false accusations and attacks on my character are part of a greater scheme calculated to try and defeat my candidacy.  I will not stop fighting until the truth is told and my name is cleared.”

Campaign spokesperson Emily Novotny said “Given the false allegations made against him, Mr. Herbster is left with no other option to clear his name and restore his reputation than to pursue legal action.”