(KFOR NEWS  March 12, 2021) The Lincoln Public Schools and Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department have developed the following high school spring athletics spectator protocols (subject to change based on current health conditions):

  • All spectators must self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms prior to attending any event. If you answer yes to any of the screening questions, please stay home.
  • Spectators must wear multi-layered face coverings over the mouth and nose the entire time they are at the event.
  • Bleacher seating will be limited for some outdoor venues. Spectators are encouraged to bring their own chairs and should spread out at least 6 feet apart and must be at least 10 feet away from team benches and the playing field.
  • Based on the number of participants competing and the venue capacity based on keeping groups physically distanced, the following number of spectators will be allowed per participant:
    • Baseball – Den Hartog (4), Sherman Field (4), Densmore (4), School Sites (4)
    • Soccer – Seacrest (6), Beechner (6), Speedway (4)
    • Tennis (4)
    • Golf (4)
    • Track (1)
  • Limited concessions may be sold. Individuals may lower their mask to take a bite or drink, but must promptly return the face covering over the mouth and nose in between bites and drinks. No outside food or drink by spectators will be allowed.

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