HUSKER BEACH VOLLEYBALL: Nebraska Finishes Perfect at Home in Beach Play

LINCOLN–(NU Athletics Mar. 1)–The Nebraska beach volleyball team won two matches on Wednesday at the Hawks Championship Center to finish the home portion of their schedule with a perfect 4-0 record.

On Wednesday, Nebraska beat Oklahoma Wesleyan, 5-0, and Ottawa (Kan.), 5-0. All five Husker pairs swept their matches in straight sets. All six Husker pairs have won all eight sets they’ve played so far this season.

The Huskers will leave for Gulf Shores, Ala., on Thursday for four matches in two days. Nebraska will play Huntingdon College at 7:30 a.m. on Friday at West Public Beach in Gulf Shores, followed by a match against Spring Hill on Friday at 9:30 a.m.

On Saturday, Nebraska will face Florida Memorial at 7:30 a.m. and the University of Mobile at 10:30 a.m. The Huskers will then return home for a week of classes before departing for Hawaii.

Nebraska 5, Oklahoma Wesleyan 0
1. Bekka Allick/Lexi Rodriguez (NEB) def. Addie Mathias/Sydney Collins (OKWU) 21-14, 21-14
2. Merritt Beason/Harper Murray (NEB) def. Allison Howard/Chiara Vittoni (OKWU) 21-8, 21-10
3. Laney Choboy/Lindsay Krause (NEB) def. Ashlynn Farrell/Maddy McKinney (OKWU) 21-12, 21-8
4. Ally Batenhorst/Bergen Reilly (NEB) def. Natalie Ater/Megan Nelson (OKWU) 21-9, 21-10
5. Caroline Jurevicius/Hayden Kubik (NEB) def. Carleigh Reish/Kylie Thompson (OKWU) 21-9, 21-4
Exh. Maisie Boesiger/Andi Jackson (NEB) def. Angelina Arvizu/Elizabeth Hope (OKWU) 21-6, 21-9
Order of Finish: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Oklahoma Wesleyan 5, Ottawa 0
1. Addie Mathias/Sydney Collins (OKWU) def. Haylee O’Meara/Kennedi Wyrick (OU) 21-14, 21-16
2. Allison Howard/Chiara Vittoni (OKWU) def. Elli Rogers/Mia Burge (OU) 22-20, 11-21, 15-8
3. Ashlynn Farrell/Maddy McKinney (OKWU) def. Olivia Lewis/Presley Crader (OU) 21-16, 21-12
4. Natalie Ater/Megan Nelson (OKWU) def. Joranis Rivera/Raven Corlee (OU) 20-22, 21-11, 15-9
5. Carleigh Reish/Kylie Thompson (OKWU) def. Brittan Lee/Alexa Boyle (OU) 8-21, 21-16, 15-8
Exh. Kennedy Krokroskia/Estela Ladron De Cegama (OU) def. Angelina Arvizu/Elizabeth Hope (OKWU) 21-2, 21-12
Order of Finish: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Nebraska 5, Ottawa 0
1. Bekka Allick/Lexi Rodriguez (NEB) def. Haylee O’Meara/Kennedi Wyrick (OU) 21-4, 21-10
2. Ally Batenhorst/Bergen Reilly (NEB) def. Elli Rogers/Mia Burge (OU) 21-7, 21-5
3. Merritt Beason/Harper Murray (NEB) def. Joranis Rivera/Raven Corlee (OU) 21-9, 21-6
4. Laney Choboy/Lindsay Krause (NEB) def. Olivia Lewis/Presley Crader (OU) 21-3, 21-4
5. Maisie Boesiger/Andi Jackson (NEB) def. Kennedy Krokroskia/Estela Ladron De Cegama (OU) 21-9, 21-8
Exh. Caroline Jurevicius/Hayden Kubik (NEB) def. Mollie Mae Brooks/Allison Pittman (OU) 21-11, 21-11
Order of Finish: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1