HUSKER FOOTBALL: Chinander Prepares Defense for the Badgers

LINCOLN–(NU Athletics Nov. 16)–Nebraska defensive coordinator Erik Chinander met with members of the media following Tuesday’s practice. Chinander talked about why Wisconsin’s run game is difficult to stop ahead of the game on Saturday.

“As long as I can remember they have been really good at running the football,” Chinander said. “They have an identity and they know what they are going to do. They have some really interesting gap schemes and they are really good at blocking those. The other thing is that I think their running backs and this young guy Braelon Allen he is coming into his own a little bit and he has done a really nice job as the year progresses of being able to read what they want him to read put his foot on the ground and go get what he can. I think that they are patient in the run game. Their offensive line is physical. Their running back is physical. They do a good job with different looks.”

Chinander discussed why Nebraska’s run defense has improved.

“What you want to do on defense is you want to play fast,” he said. “You want to play physical and you want to play violent. The physicalness is willing to put your face on somebody and use your hands. Be physical on the line of scrimmage and be physical on the perimeter. Then the violence part is when you get a chance to be sudden. Whether you are blitzing whether you are moving in your gap whether you are going to make a tackle but let’s be violent. Let’s explode. Let’s be sudden about things.”

It was announced yesterday that Chinander was nominated for the Frank Broyles award which is awarded to the Nation’s best Assistant Coach. He was asked his thoughts on the nomination.

“I actually received some texts last night as we were watching film and all those kinds of things,” Chinander said. “Obviously I feel very honored to be mentioned with the other group of coaches and to be considered by the Broyles Foundation and the Broyles family. With that being said usually when things happen in a bad way on defense that falls directly on me. These types of good things that happen on defense or awards or those types of things that is a direct reflection of the assistant coaches and the players that we have. I know that and I know that I would not be under consideration for any type of thing if we did not have the type of kids that we have and the men we have coaching those positions so I am thankful for them as well.”

The Huskers are set to play Wisconsin on Saturday, Nov. 20 at 2:30 p.m. in Madison, Wis. at Camp Randall Stadium.