HUSKER FOOTBALL: Frost Talks About The Team Ahead of Northwestern
LINCOLN–(NU Athletics Sept. 30)–Nebraska head football coach Scott Frost met with members of the media following Thursday’s practice. Frost addressed the punting situation after struggles in the Michigan State game.
“Both guys punted great in practice again they punted great in practice last week,” Frost said. “We need it when the game is happening and they are going to be under more of a microscope now because of what has happened. Get put in those situations some guys rise to the occasion and others do not do well and falter so I just want to see somebody punting the ball that when the chips are down they are going to do what they are supposed to do.”
Frost discussed the challenge that the Northwestern game will provide.
“Northwestern has had one of the best defenses in the league since I have been in the league and probably before that,” he said. “They are really sound they play hard they are smart they do not fall for a lot of things they keep everything in front of them. We had the ball in the red zone seven times last year and we did not come away with many points so we really have to do a good job if we can get the ball in the red zone and finishing drives. With the way our defense is playing we have to take advantage of the opportunities we get on offense.”

He also spoke on the confidence the players have in who they are as a team.

“I had a couple of leaders tell me that as confident as they were going into the season they are more confident right now about who they are as a team than when the season started,” Frost said. “We would like to be in a little different situation with the record and I think we played well enough to have it be that way but the guys are excited. They believe in their team and what we are doing and it will all come together.”

The Huskers are set to play Northwestern this Saturday, Oct. 2 at 6:30 p.m. on BTN at Memorial Stadium.