Independent Candidate for Mayor Krystal Gabel has released a list of her positions in the spring election campaign.

She would prevent potholes by installing a snowmelt system to heat the roads, bike paths, and sidewalks.

“Our city spends hundreds of thousands of tax dollars each winter clearing snow from our streets, yet they are only half-plowed, the potholes are getting worse, and now officials are asking taxpayers for more money to throw at the problem.”

Instead of using chemicals and plows, she says, power plant waste water would be diverted through a network of pipes installed under streets to melt snow and ice as it falls.

She would provide free public transit for all residents

“Not charging for the city bus is how Lincoln becomes more accessible and fair to all residents regardless of income. I know that free bus transit will help households make better use of their incomes and introduce a necessary public service.”

Gabel said the 2018-20 Lincoln City Budget, shows StarTran with a $14 Million operating fund, but only $136,500 of that total coming from passenger revenue.

“This means that nearly 100 percent of this public service is paid for in ways other than ridership. Why not just make bus fare free, update to modern electric buses, and pack every ride full.”

She contends more residents taking advantage of the free service would stimulate job creation, saying Cities that have implemented free bus services have seen ridership increase from 20 to 60 percent.

She would decriminalize marijuana, would vote NO on the quarter-cent sales tax hike, zone for tiny homes, and lower the property tax levy to compensate for rises in property valuations.

“For some Lincoln property owners, the rise in market values could mean a sharp spike in property tax bills. Residents and business owners alike understandably will have sticker shock, especially if future voter-approved taxes and bonds are approved that will further increase our mill levy.”

She would also Add an LGBTQ non-discrimination ordinance, promote more recycling, and provide more City support for electric vehicles and the e-commerce industry.

“Online companies require massive fulfillment centers and thousands of employees in order to fill two-day orders. Lincoln’s central location along the I-80 corridor coupled with Nebraska’s need for skilled labor jobs makes us perfect for the task.”