Infrastructure Not Installed Yet for Sports Betting In Nebraska

LINCOLN–(KOLN/KFOR Feb. 3)–Sports betting became legal in Nebraska but the infrastructure at casinos like the Warhorse here in Lincoln hasn’t been installed yet, plus no one has been licensed to handle those responsibilities.

Don’t expect any betting done for the Super Bowl, but Lance Morgan, the CEO of Ho-Chunk, Inc. that operates the Warhorse, told KFOR’s media partner, 10/11 Now, they hope to be ready for sports betting in time for the NCAA basketball tournament.  Even that’s not a guarantee.

“We didn’t launch (casino gambling) as a sports betting venture, we launched it as a gaming venture,” Morgan said.  “But that’s something that people clamor for and really are excited about.”

Right now, WarHorse has no designated area for sports betting. State regulations say you can only cast a sports bet at a brick-and-mortar casino, using their kiosks, ruling out mobile sports betting and apps.