Jury Selection in Rep. Fortenberry Trial Set For Wednesday

(KFOR NEWS  March 11, 2022)   (AP) – Jury selection is set to begin Wednesday in the trial of Nebraska U.S. Republican Congressman, Jeff Fortenberry , accused of lying to federal authorities who were investigating an illegal donation to his campaign from a foreign national.

U.S. District Judge, Stanley Blumenfeld, set the date in online court records posted earlier this week.  Fortenberry’s trial had been set to begin Tuesday.

The nine-term Republican has pleaded not guilty to charges alleging that he intentionally misled investigators about his knowledge of the campaign donation.  Attorneys are still scheduled to meet with the judge on Tuesday to discuss the case.  The trial is predicted to last around four days.

Fortenberry’s trial comes two months before Nebraska’s May 10 primary.

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