Kansas City Royals Baseball Broadcast Schedule

Lincoln’s home for Kansas City Royals Baseball is KFOR FM103.3/1240AM  The remaining games below are the Royals games scheduled for broadcast the rest of the 2022 season.  All games will be on KFOR, unless noted.  Times listed are the start of the broadcast.

Sat. June 18-2:30pm-Kansas City at Oakland
Sun. June 19-2:30pm-Kansas City at Oakland
Mon. June 20-8pm-Kansas City at LA Angels
Tues. June 21-8pm-Kansas City at LA Angels
Wed. June 22-8pm-Kansas City at LA Angels
Fri. June 24-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Oakland
Sat. June 25-2:30pm-Kansas City vs. Oakland
Sun. June 26-12:30pm-Kansas City vs. Oakland
Mon. June 27-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Texas
Tues. June 28-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Texas

Fri. July 1-5:30pm-Kansas City at Detroit
Sat. July 2-2:30pm-Kansas City at Detroit
Sun. July 3-10:30am-Kansas City at Detroit
Mon. July 4-2:30pm-Kansas City at Houston
Tues. July 5-6:30pm-Kansas City at Houston
Wed. July 6-6:30pm-Kansas City at Houston
Fri. July 8-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Cleveland
Sat. July 9-2:30pm-Kansas City vs. Cleveland
Sun. July 10-12:30pm-Kansas City vs. Cleveland
Mon. July 11-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Detroit
Tues. July 12-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Detroit
Thu. July 14-5:30pm-Kansas City at Toronto
Fri. July 15-5:30pm-Kansas City at Toronto
Sat. July 16-1:30pm-Kansas City at Toronto
Sun. July 17-10:30am-Kansas City at Toronto
Fri. July 22-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay
Sat. July 23-5:30pm-Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay
Sun. July 24-12:30pm-Kansas City vs. Tampa Bay
Mon. July 25-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. LA Angels
Tues. July 26-6:30pmKansas City vs. LA Angels
Thu. July 28-5:30pm-Kansas City at NY Yankees
Fri. July 29-5:30pm-Kansas City at NY Yankees
Sat. July 30-12:30pm-Kansas City at NY Yankees
Sun. July 31-12pm-Kansas City at NY Yankees

Mon. Aug. 1-6:30pm-Kansas City at Chicago White Sox
Tues. Aug. 2-6:30pm-Kansas City at Chicago White Sox
Thu. Aug. 4-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Boston
Fri. Aug. 5-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Boston
Sat. Aug. 6-5:30pm-Kansas City vs. Boston
Sun. Aug. 7-12:30pm-Kansas City vs. Boston
Wed. Aug. 10-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Chicago White Sox
Fri. Aug. 12-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. LA Dodgers
Sat. Aug. 13-5:30pm-Kansas City vs. LA Dodgers
Sun. Aug. 14-12:30pm-Kansas City vs. LA Dodgers
Mon. Aug. 15-6pm-Kansas City at Minnesota
Tues. Aug. 16-6pm-Kansas City at Minnesota
Thu. Aug. 18-5:30pm-Kansas City at Tampa Bay
Fri. Aug. 19-5:30pm-Kansas City at Tampa Bay
Sat. Aug. 20-2:30pm-Kansas City at Tampa Bay
Sun. Aug. 21-12pm-Kansas City at Tampa Bay
Tues. Aug. 23-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Arizona
Wed. Aug. 24-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Arizona
Fri. Aug. 26-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. San Diego
Sat. Aug. 27-5:30pm-Kansas City vs. San Diego
Sun. Aug. 28-12:30pm-Kansas City vs. San Diego
Tues. Aug. 30-6:30pm-Kansas City at Chicago White Sox
Wed. Aug. 31-6:30pm-Kansas City at Chicago White Sox

Fri. Sept. 2-5:30pm-Kansas City at Detroit
Sat. Sept. 3-5:30pm-Kansas City at Detroit
Sun. Sept. 4-12pm-Kansas City at Detroit
Mon. Sept. 5-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Cleveland
Tues. Sept. 6-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Cleveland
Wed. Sept. 7-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Cleveland
Fri. Sept. 9-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Detroit
Sat. Sept. 10-5:30pm-Kansas City vs. Detroit
Sun. Sept. 11-12pm-Kansas City vs. Detroit-ESPN 101.5FM/1480AM
Tues. Sept. 13-6pm-Kansas City at Minnesota
Wed. Sept. 14-6pm-Kansas City at Minnesota
Thu. Sept. 15-6pm-Kansas City at Minnesota-ESPN 101.5/1480AM
Fri. Sept. 16-5:30pm-Kansas City at Boston
Sat. Sept. 17-2:30pm-Kansas City at Boston
Sun. Sept. 18-12pm-Kansas City at Boston-ESPN 101.5FM/1480AM
Tues. Sept. 20-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Minnesota
Wed. Sept. 21-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Minnesota
Fri. Sept. 23-6:30pm-Kansas City vs. Seattle
Sat. Sept. 24-5:30pm-Kansas City vs. Seattle
Sun. Sept. 25-12:30pm-Kansas City vs. Seattle
Tues. Sept. 27-5pm-Kansas City at Detroit
Wed. Sept. 28-5pm-Kansas City at Detroit
Fri. Sept. 30-5:30pm-Kansas City at Cleveland

Sat. Oct. 1-4:30pm-Kansas City at Cleveland
Sun. Oct. 2-12pm-Kansas City at Cleveland
Mon. Oct. 3-4:30pm-Kansas City at Cleveland
Tues. Oct. 4-4:30pm-Kansas City at Cleveland