Kirkpatrick Running For Mayor

Lincoln City Attorney Jeff Kirkpatrick announced Wednesday that he’s a candidate for Mayor. Kirkpatrick, a Democrat, is the fifth person to enter the race to replace Mayor Chris Beutler in the coming spring election.

Kirkpatrick said his experience leading the City Law Department will make him ready to lead “on day one”. He said all City business goes through the 34 person Law Department, calling it “The Heart of a growing City.”

He said his campaign will focus first on basic issues including streets, roads, public safety, good education, a strong economy and fairness. He added, however, that he would be creative in searching for ways to serve Lincoln better. As an example, he cited recent talks with the County Attorney about a Night Court. “We can reduce taxpayer dollars being spent putting people in jail for unpaid tickets because they cannot miss work to go to court. It will help people out and save the community money in the long run.”



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