Lamm: “Open Checkbook Policy Applies to New Street Tax”

With the passage of the quarter cent sales tax increase to provide additional funding for road repairs, City Councilwoman and candidate for Mayor Cyndi Lamm said transparency and accountability on how the new tax is spent is important.

“Making sure the new sales tax is used the way voters intend, is completely transparent, and fully accounted for, will be the key to restoring taxpayer’s faith in their government,” said Lamm.

Lamm said her administration will give frequent updates on project schedules, anticipated completion dates. She also said she would work with community and neighborhood leaders to make  road construction as smooth as possible. Lamm added the road repair money would be used to address the greatest needs in every part of the city.

Lamm also said the primary focus will be repairing the severely neglected streets throughout the city.

Pending the count of absentee ballots, the sales tax increase passed by 579 votes out of 49,239 ballots cast.

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