The Lancaster Event Center (LEC) is asking for more money to finish preparations to host the 2020 National High School Rodeo. The Lancaster County Board heard the request during an update on the work being done by the LEC.

County Board Chair Jennifer Brinkman said “they’re not yet ready, and believe that due to additional factors, they need more money.”

Brinkman says one factor is the need for more campsites. Hundreds more need to be built but there is an issue with where the campsite is that is making the event center request $4 million more.

“Because the campsite is in the floodplain, the building and safety regulations require electrical hookups to be underground which drove up the costs,” Brinkman said.

Originally, LEC said it could build 750 campsites but the Rodeo Association wants more than 1,200 for the event.

Brinkman assured that the Rodeo Finals is still on, “I don’t think it is in jeopardy, I think that is what this conversation is about, is how do we get ready now.”

You can hear the entire conversation with the County Board Chair at

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