The Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) announced its endorsement of two local candidates today.

Incumbent Nebraska State Senator Mike Hilgers in Legislative District 21, and Jacob Campbell, a candidate in Legislative District 29, were two of several candidates to interview over the past couple of months in hopes of securing the LIBA endorsement.

“The Lincoln Independent Business Association is focused on preserving the identity and influence of small businesses in our community and believe these two candidates are the best choices to represent businesses in the upcoming Primary Election,” said Bud Synhorst, LIBA CEO.

The Lincoln Independent Business Association believes that State Senator Mike Hilgers of Legislative District 21 and candidate Jacob Campbell of Legislative District 29 best represent the issues that LIBA fights for on a daily basis. Those issues are tax reform, growth and economic development, reducing regulations, cutting spending and stepping in as a true resource to small businesses across Lincoln.

The Federal government has begun steps necessary to help small businesses across the country. The Paycheck Protection Program-Part of the $2 Trillion stimulus package will designate $349 billion in forgivable loan programs to small businesses across the country.

“This Federal effort will certainly help our small businesses in Lincoln, but more can be done at
the local level. Small businesses need our support and we believe these two candidates’ best
reflect the needs of small businesses in Lincoln and our state,” Synhorst said.

Many local businesses are struggling right now amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

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