Lincoln Airport Getting FDA Grant

(KFOR NEWS  July 8, 2022)   The Lincoln Airport and Omaha’s Eppley Airfield are getting major grants from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Lincoln Airport will receive $850,000 for terminal modernization, including the replacement of existing terminal cooling towers (HVAC) and equipment.  Chad Lay, Director of Planning at The Lincoln Airport, said, “This is incredibly timely as this was not contemplated in our original terminal modernization project, LNK Next, but these funds give us leverage to complete additional needed infrastructure improvements.

Omaha Eppley Airport will receive $20 million toward their terminal access road project.  Dave Roth, Chief Executive Officer of the Omaha Airport Authority, said. “These funds will support the next phase of improving the Eppley Airfield Terminal Entrance Drive.  This is good news for travelers who will benefit from increased capacity, improved throughput, and an enhanced customer experience for decades to come.

The FAA Thursday announced a total of approximately $1 billion in Airport Terminal Program Grant funding for airports across the country.  These funds were created by the infrastructure law.  Medium hub airports like Eppley Airfield received 15% of the total funding and primary non-hub airports like The Lincoln Airport received up to 10% of the total funding.

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