Lincoln Man Targeted In Possible Fraud Case

LINCOLN–(KFOR Jan. 12)–Lincoln Police are investigating a possible fraud case, where a 74-year-old Lincoln man received a suspicious email about a reimbursement.

Sgt. Chris Vollmer said officers were called to the man’s home in the area of 22nd and Lake early Tuesday evening and talked to him, where they found out he received the email from someone claiming to be an employee of PayPal.  The victim provided remote access to his computer but noticed the reimbursement amount had changed from $345.66 to $34,566.

The victim saw the second transfer amount in his bank account and the caller indicated PayPal needed to be reimbursed for the $34,566 immediately via Bitcoin, wire transfer or a gift card.  Sgt. Vollmer says the victim then called his bank, where he found out the money had been deposited to one of his bank accounts from another.

No monetary loss for the victim, but Vollmer says the man was encouraged to change his account information and passcodes.