Mayor Chris Beutler held a conference Tuesday and thanked the citizens of Lincoln after the mandatory water restrictions were in place. “We have reduced our normal rate of consumption, by about 3 million gallons,” Beutler said.

The mayor said the city’s partially flooded well field along the Platte river is now producing enough to nearly meet the reduced daily demand, but asked that everyone help by conserving all the water possible.

As far as an end to the restrictions, the mayor said it depends on repairs to the city’s damaged Platte River Wells. “We continue to evaluate the restrictions on a daily basis, with a goal of lifting them as soon as repairs are made,” said the Mayor.

Beutler added “many of our well units are inaccessible, making evaluations in repairs impossible, until the flooding goes down.”

Water restrictions remain in place for Lincoln with residents asked to cut usage by 50% and businesses by 25%.

This video shows the devastating flooding on Lincoln’s well field near Ashland.

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