Lincoln Woman Scammed Out of Nearly $150,000

LINCOLN–(KFOR July 21)–A 68-year-old Lincoln woman is out nearly $150,000 in cash and gold, after she was scammed by an unknown party, who said that there was an unauthorized purchase of a laptop computer on her Amazon aacount.

Lincoln Police Capt. Todd Kocian on Thursday said the woman showed up to LPD’s 27th and Holdrege precinct to report the fraud.  She told investigators the scammer told her to follow messaging prompts and was transferred to someone, who identified himself as a DEA agent.  Kocian said the woman was told several credit cards and bank accounts had been opened in her name in several states.

The scammer told the victim to withdraw as much money as she could from her bank, which would be placed in a different account to verify it wasn’t laundered.  The woman withdrew $25,000 and took out another $5,000 the next day, placed the money in bags outside her home and an agent would come by and pick it up, while leaving a cashier’s check.  No check was left with the woman.

Captain Kocian says the woman was contacted again to go buy $120,000 in gold, which she did.  A couple of days later, the woman was told by the scammer to put it outside of her home, where an agent would pick it up.  An hour later, the gold was gone and the woman told police that’s when she got suspicious and contacted them.

Captain Kocian says Lincoln Police and other law enforcement agencies will never request you for money or precious metals, as part of an investigation.  He says be extremely suspicious of anyone asking for your bank account number and to contact your financial institution, who will help in verifying any request before taking additional action.