Lincoln Woman Scammed Out of Thousands of Dollars

LINCOLN–(KFOR Feb. 14)–Lincoln Police are warning you about another scam, after a 76-year-old woman got a hold of them on Monday afternoon about her receiving phone calls and letters from people claiming to be from the Federal Trade Commission since last month.

When officers arrived at the woman’s north Lincoln home, she told them she was under investigation for money laundering in Texas. Captain Todd Kocian says the woman was instructed to order a gold bar from an online company, have it shipped to her home, then meet an investigating agent at the 27th and Superior Walmart. Once she did that, the gold bar was put in the back of a white sedan that left the scene.

Kocian says the agent was described by the woman as a brown-skinned male. Total loss was nearly $67,000 and the investigation is ongoing.