Lopez:  Three Covid Deaths Today:  Case Numbers Flat

Lincoln, NE (October 19, 2021)  Health Director Pat Lopez thanked the community for helping lower the Covid-19 Risk Dial from orange to yellow last week as she began today’s briefing on the virus situation.  She is leaving the dial in the elevated yellow position for the coming week as well, indicating a moderate risk of spread of the virus in Lancaster County.

The number of new cases dropped to 587 last week, a 43 % decrease from the week before.  This week she said, the numbers have flattened.  The rate of positive Covid tests has also declined slowly, she said, but added it still needs to drop.

Three more deaths were reported today in Lancaster County, a woman in her 60’s and two men in their 70’s.

“We’re still not seeing the sustained decline we need to see” said Lopez.  “It’s important that, since we’re in this plateau with our indicators, that we remain patient.  We know we will see our numbers go down.”

Lopez said wearing masks and continuing to vaccinate people are the two main strategies being used to fight the virus.

“We are now at 74.7%, and expect to hit the milestone (75%) next week.”

Lopez said boosters are also still recommended for those eligible.  Right now, they are approved for Pfizer recipients, 65 and older, first responders, educators and child care providers.  Soon, she said, she expects boosters to be approved for Moderna and Johnson and Johnson recipients.