Photo Courtesy of Lincoln Police

Lincoln Police are providing solutions to dangerous ride-share driving and parking during weekend bar breaks on downtown ‘O’ Street.

LPD announced the campaign in January, saying they will issue citations for drivers who illegally stop in the middle of ‘O’ Street to pick up and drop off ride-share users. The department then worked with the City of Lincoln’s traffic department, Park and Go, and the Downtown Lincoln Association to provide alternatives for drivers and users.

Lincoln Police Sergeant Max Hubka, who is leading the campaign, said LPD appreciates the service that companies like Uber and Lyft provide. However, he wishes that drivers and users operated the drop-offs and pick-ups in a safer manner.

Now, users and drivers will be forced to be picked-up and dropped-off at three locations downtown when using those ride-share applications. That will be on the north and south sides of Centennial Mall and O Street along with the south side of 14th and O Streets.

Signs are now up in those locations, noting their use and enforcement on the weekends. Park and Go will be enforcing those parking locations. Drivers can use them anytime between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. on the weekends as long as they stay with their vehicle and use the space only in a drop-off and pick-up manner.

Users will be ‘snapped’ to those locations when trying to request and operate in and out of ride-share vehicles.

Sergeant Hubka says this campaign will be fully operational starting the weekend of the Spring Game. Officers will still be issuing citations on a case-by-case basis if drivers continue to stop in the middle of ‘O’ Street traffic.

Map Courtesy of Lincoln Police