The trial for a former Lincoln police officer charged with first-degree sexual assault is underway at the Lancaster County courthouse.

Our partner 1011 Now reports that jury selection and opening statements took place on Monday for the trial of Gregory Cody, a 27-year veteran of the Lincoln Police Department, and the trial continued Tuesday.

Cody, 56, was arrested on November 8, 2017, after he reportedly sexually assaulted a woman he met while on the job.

Cody’s arrest followed an investigation stemming from a report made by the victim to a health care professional at Bryan West Hospital.

Court records show Cody released the victim from custody and did not take her into Emergency Protective Custody following a situation in July of 2016. Cody used this encounter to “assert his will over her” in the future, according to records.

The affidavit states.”She stated that Officer Cody told her that she was “pretty” and that she would “owe him” for not taking her into Emergency Protective Custody during the 2016 incident previously described.”

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