LINCOLN (KFOR NEWS – 8/13/10) — The Lincoln Police Department is praising the work of its officers after they were called upon to conduct a welfare check on a potentially suicidal 28 year-old man last week. Upon their arrival to the man’s residence, officers determined the man needed to be placed into emergency protective custody for his own well-being. However, when they attempted to do so, the man began struggling with the two responding officers, taking one to the ground and reaching for her gun. The other officer tried to deploy their TAZER on the man as this was happening, but the TAZER was unsuccessful, and the struggle continued for another two minutes, with the man even getting the officer’s gun halfway out of her holster at one point. The officer’s were eventually able to get the man under control and into custody, and he was transported to the hospital.

On August 12th, the man was released from the hospital, and he was taken to the Lancaster County Jail, where he is charged with First Degree Assault on an Officer.

LPD praised the “tremendous restraint” of their officers in a dangerous situation, and both were commended for the courage it took to risk their lives to get the man the help he needed.