LPD Releases Results of ‘Make It Click’ Traffic Safety Project

LINCOLN–(KFOR June 14)–Lincoln Police on Friday released the results of their “Make It Click” traffic safety project from May 20 through June 2.

The effort focused on traffic safety and seatbelt enforcement. LPD made 423 stops, issued 372 citations and 171 warnings. Of the citations, 156 were for speeding, 102 for no registration, 34 for not wearing seatbelts. There were two warrant arrests and two for felony criminal arrests, while there was one arrest for DUI.

Funding for the extra enforcement was provided by the Nebraska Department of Transportation’s Highway Safety office.

The full breakdown of citations and warnings are below.

Traffic stops conducted – 423
Official citations issued – 372
Warnings issued – 171
Individual warnings and citations are as follows:
Speeding Citations 156
Speeding Warnings 32
Traffic Signal Warnings 3
Stop Sign Citations 2
Stop Sign Warnings 2
Seatbelt Citations 34
Seatbelt Warnings 12
Child Seatbelt Citations 4
Child Seatbelt Warnings 1
No Insurance Citations 25
No Insurance Warnings 15
No Registration Citations 102
No Registration Warnings 49
Driving Under Suspension 5
Warrant Arrests 2
Felony Criminal Arrests 2
Driving Under the Influence 1