LPD Warning You To Watch Out For Scam Targeting LES Customers

LINCOLN–(KFOR July 2)–Always remember, Lincoln Electric System will NEVER contact you by phone or come to your house about an overdue utility bill and demand payment.

On Saturday, a Lincoln business received a call about an overdue bill of about $479 that needed to be paid for with a green dot card or power would be shut off.  Police were called and determined that it was a scam, after contacting Lincoln Electric System.

Police Officer Angela Sands says LES won’t every contact you over the phone or show up to your house.

“They will never call a customer and demand an immediate payment,” Sands said.  “If you do receive any type of call like that, hang up and call Lincoln Electric System.”

Bill payments need to be done in person, by mail or online at www.les.com.