LPD Will Use “Discretion” When Citing Snowbound Parking Violations

LINCOLN–(KFOR Jan. 28)–Thursday morning started with Lincoln Police announcing they would be enforcing 24 hour parking violations.  City Code says if a vehicle has been parked on the city street for more than 24 hours, it must be moved. Officers can write parking tickets for the violations, which could result in the vehicle being towed.

Late Thursday Afternoon, Acting Police Brian Jackson issued a clarifying statement:

“The City of Lincoln, after a historic snowstorm, appreciates all the positive work residents have done to help one another through this unprecedented weather event. Neighbors came together to help shovel walkways and driveways, strangers helped push cars out of snowbanks as our dedicated snow fighters worked to clear arterials and emergency vehicle routes.

As we move into the weekend, with more weather events possibly on the way, we need to ensure that our streets are safe and that our plows can do the work necessary to finish the job. Part of that includes moving cars that have been sitting on our roads this past week. This is important work that must be done to ensure that our emergency vehicles can access homes when help is needed.
Lincoln Transportation and Utilities and Lincoln Police Department are working in concert to inform
residents of this vital work. LPD officers use discretion on any decisions to ticket and have spent several days assisting the public in getting their vehicles unstuck and the roads clear as quickly as possible. They understand the unique circumstances facing Lincolnites this past week and are working side-by-side with residents to clear our roadways.

We appreciate the community’s help in digging out and moving vehicles. If you are physically unable to remove snow and need assistance with snow removal, you can request help through the City of Lincoln Snow Angels program at https://snow.lincoln.ne.gov/snow-angels/.

Officer Erin Spilker says they have received calls from residents complaining of vehicles not being moved off the road following Monday’s massive snowfall, which causes extra work for plowing crews to clear streets.

She added that snow covered vehicles can also pose additional concerns for police and fire personnel when emergency situations arise.