LPS Board Approves New Superintendent Contract

(KFOR NEWS  March 9, 2022)   Because there is only one meeting in March, the Lincoln Board of Education waived second reading and voted to approve the proposed contract and transition agreement with new LPS Superintendent Paul Gausman.

The contract is a three-year agreement with a base annual salary of $324,000.  At Lincoln Public Schools there are no additional compensation benefits in the superintendent contract for things such as annuities, bonuses, incentives, or performance pay.

The contract also indicates that other benefits like health insurance and leave will be in line with the other administrators in Lincoln Public Schools.  The total estimated compensation of $383,591 excludes the legally required employer contributions towards state retirement, FICA and Medicare.

The contract for Gausman, along with the transition agreement, have been posted on the LPS website under the superintendent section.

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