LPS Director of Nutrition Services Retires

(KFOR NEWS  May 13, 2021)   When Edith Zumwalt was named LPS director of nutrition services in 1990, there were 27,986 students in 49 buildings.  LPS now serves an average of 26,600 lunches and 8,630 breakfasts daily in 61 buildings.  Zumwalt has led a team of 410 employees to serve approximately 4.5 million school lunches and 1.4 million school breakfasts, in addition to 290,000 snacks.

  • Lincoln Public Schools provided 721,693 meals (half breakfast and half lunch) during the spring and summer of 2020 when schools shut down.
  • LPS so far has served 3,165,825 lunches and 965,019 breakfast meals this school year. LPS also has served 11,111 remote lunches and 11,111 remote breakfasts.
  • There are 85 staff members who worked through the pandemic to make sure Lincoln children ages birth-18 had access to healthy meals from March until July 2020.
In recognition of Wednesday being Nebraska School Food Service Employee Appreciation Day, Gov. Ricketts visited Hartley Elementary School in Lincoln to present Zumwalt with an Admiralship certificate from the State of Nebraska.