LPS Reports Steady Enrollment

Lincoln, NE (November 2, 2022) Lincoln Public Schools released the Fall Membership Count as of Oct. 1, and officials were not surprised by what they saw.

“With the opening of two new schools this year we expected there to be shifts in school numbers,” said Matt Larson, LPS associate superintendent of Instruction. “The new schools provided relief for staff and the infrastructure on already overcrowded school buildings. The addition of another new high school next fall will allow other high schools to also experience that relief next year.”

Meadow Lane Elementary saw a decrease of 113 students, and Kahoa Elementary decreased by a total of 50 students who moved to the new Robinson Elementary School which opened with  a total of 266 students this fall. North Star High School and Lincoln High School saw a decrease of 170 and 138 respectively, many of those students moving to the new Northwest High School starting the school year with 498 students in grades 9-11.

The total enrollment for LPS grew 18 students from last year to 41,766. During the budget process, LPS had projected a decline of 196 students this year due to the number of births reported in Lancaster County.

Other numbers of note:

  • Kooser Elementary School overtook Belmont as the largest elementary school in Lincoln growing the most with 67 students for a total of 888. Roper is the second largest elementary school with 865, followed by Belmont with 815 students.

  • Scott Middle School remains the largest despite losing 45 students with 1137.  Schoo is the second largest with 918 students. Moore Middle School grew the most by adding 93 students for a total of 739.

  • None of the high schools grew a significant amount. East remains the largest high school with 2,256 students. Lincoln High is second largest with 2,172, and Southwest is close behind with 2,170. North Star with 2,073 students makes it four high schools with populations over 2,000.

  • Prekindergarten enrollment is up by 76 students due to four new early childhood classrooms opening at Northwest High School and Robinson Elementary School.