LPS Superintendent Gives Some Insight on How School Closures, Snow Days are Handled

LINCOLN–(KFOR Jan. 23)–You may have thought that there were allotment of snow days built into the Lincoln Public Schools academic year calendar, but they aren’t.

That’s according to LPS Superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman. During a recent update on the district’s methods for school closures, Gausman said LPS has more instructional hours than the required minimum from the Nebraska Department of Education. He added this allows the district to account for snow days or other emergency closures without adding school days or additional educational minutes.

“When making the decision, we have to consider things such as will our buses start and safely run? How long can an individual be outside before they might get frostbite? Can our hardworking custodial teams get the school grounds clear for school so that they’re safe,” Gausman said.

A storm’s timing also can weigh “very carefully” in the decision making process, according to Gausman, adding that students and families are foremost in the minds of officials making the decision.

Gausman says while ensuring they’ve met the required educational hours set by the Nebraska Department of Education, LPS looks at various solutions if considering a school closure. That includes adjusting daily schedules and early release days.