LSO Releases Results of Recent ‘Click It Or Ticket’ Campaign

LINCOLN–(News Release June 11)–The ‘Click It or Ticket’ mobilization is a nationally organized campaign to increase awareness and usage of seatbelts and child restraint systems.  On Wednesday May 26, 2021 the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, with assistance from MADD, participated in the mobilization efforts by conducting a high visibility checkpoint and participating in saturation patrol.

On May 26, 2021 from 3:00 PM until 8:00 PM the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office conducted a high visibility safety checkpoint on Highway 6 just west of 98h Street.  10 deputies checked vehicles for safety equipment violations and apparent traffic law violations.  481 vehicles were checked which resulted in 2 people being arrested on outstanding warrants, 17 official traffic citations, and 51 warning/defect cards being issued.

The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office continued the enforcement efforts from Friday, May 28, 2021 thru Sunday, June 06, 2021, by having additional deputies run traffic on an individual basis from 4:00 PM until 10:00 PM.  These additional deputies were utilized for saturation patrol to enforce traffic law violations throughout Lancaster County.

During the high visibility checkpoint and the saturation patrol a combined total of 651 vehicles were contacted which resulted in 6 people getting arrested on a combined total of 9 outstanding warrants.  In addition to the outstanding warrants deputies made 6 criminal arrests, 147 official traffic citations and 139 warning/defect cards being issued.  Official citations were issued for the following offenses; 4 driving during suspension, 4 seatbelt violations, 2 child restraint violation,  89 speeding violations, 3 traffic signal violations, 20 registration and insurance violations, 15 people driving without a valid operator’s license and 10 various traffic law violations.

Criminal citations issued included 1 possession of a controlled substance, 1 possession of marijuana less than 1oz, 1 possession of drug paraphernalia and 1 minor in possession of alcohol.  2 people were arrested for being in possession of stolen cars.

Overtime for the additional deputies working during the mobilization will be paid through a mini-grant funded by the Nebraska Department of Transportation Highway Safety Office.