Malcolm and Waverly Awarded $862,000 For Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program

(KFOR NEWS  January 14, 2022)   Malcolm and Waverly were recently awarded a combined total of $862,000, in federal Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (NDED).   These communities will utilize the CDBG funds to provide safe and sanitary housing and a suitable living environment through the Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program.

Malcolm was awarded $315,000, for rehabilitation of at least ten housing units.  Waverly was awarded $547,000, for rehabilitation of at least eighteen housing units.  Lancaster County also has established an Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program and currently has $301,028, available for approximately fourteen housing units.  Housing units in all municipalities within Lancaster County (except those within the City of Lincoln) are eligible for assistance.

Ryan Bauman, Housing Coordinator for Southeast Nebraska Development District (SENDD), NDD Housing, states, “These grant programs provided by the NDED are great ways to help qualified homeowners struggling to afford necessary home repairs by providing funding options, construction expertise, and the resources to get projects completed.  By partnering with NDED and the City or Village, SENDD strives to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing and to alleviate the stress associated with crucial home repairs by providing a better quality of life for valued community members.”

The Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program (Program) provides eligible homeowners assistance to make qualified repairs to their homes.  The Program allows SENDD to work on several projects in each community simultaneously and ensure each approved homeowner receives the rehabilitation assistance they need.

Homeowners must complete an application to be considered for the Program. Once the homeowner’s application has been approved, one of SENDD’s Housing Specialists will conduct a home inspection to assess what work needs to be completed for the home to meet Housing Quality Standards (HQS) that have been set by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

SENDD will work with qualified contractors to ensure the project progresses and is completed per specifications.  Once the project is completed, a Conditional Deed of Trust is filed against the homeowner’s home for five years, which has a forgiveness rate of 1/60th a month.  At the end of the five years, the deed is forgiven.

To learn more about the Program, Click Here.  For more information about SENDD, please visit the website at, or call 402-475-2560.

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