Man Caught In Act of Sawing Off Catalytic Converter From Vehicle In East Lincoln Parking Lot
Sergey Stoyan (Courtesy of Lincoln Police)

LINCOLN–(KFOR Apr. 25)–A police officer on patrol early Sunday morning in east Lincoln happened to see someone underneath a vehicle and as he got closer, the officer saw what looked like a catalytic converter on the ground and a power tool in the person’s hand.

This happened in Meridian Park near 70th and “O”. LPD Captain Todd Kocian says as the officer got closer, the suspect took off running with a reciprocating saw. Officers chased after 32-year-old Sergey Stoyan, who was soon taken into custody.

A pipe with residue that tested positive for meth was also found on Stoyan. He was arrested for theft by unlawful taking, possession of a controlled substance, among other offenses.  About $300 damage was done to the vehicle and three other catalytic converters were found in Stoyan’s vehicle.