LINCOLN–(KFOR May 22)–Lincoln Police arrested a 26-year-old man, who was wanted on two warrants, after he gave a fake name following a domestic assault call late Tuesday night (May 21) near 14th and “E” Streets.

According to police, a man fitting the description of Markel Towner was sitting inside a car outside home in the area.  An officer asked for the man’s name, which he replied with “Deangelo Towns.”

However, the man had a lanyard on with a tag on it that said “Markel Towner.”  As the officer was about to arrest him, Towner tensed up, resisted arrest and yelled at officers he didn’t do anything wrong.  Towner started struggling with police, going to the ground where he allegedly grabbed the utility belt of an officer.

Family and friends of Towner surrounded officers and tried to intervene and stop the arrest.

Eventually, Towner was taken into custody without any injuries and arrested for resisting arrest, obstruction, false reporting, child neglect and third-degree domestic assault.

The two warrants were related to having no car insurance, registration and failing to appear in court.

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