Man Threatens Store Clerk, Spits on Officer’s Head

LINCOLN–(KFOR Apr. 6)–Police say a 35-year-old Lincoln man is facing drug charges, after he allegedly caused a disturbance over the weekend, at a business and spit on an officer during his arrest, according to LPD on Tuesday.

Officer Erin Spilker said Officers were called to Eto’s Liquor near 11th and “G” early Sunday evening, where the manager told investigators  a man who had previously been banned from the store was there and acting strange. The manager told police that when he asked the man to leave, the man yelled that he was going to get his, ‘.380,’ which the manager thought meant that he was going to get a gun.

The man, later identified as Jeremy Pickinpaugh, was walking away from the store when police saw him.   Officers tried stopping Pickinpaugh and grabbed onto him, as he walked away.  He resisted by pulling his arms away and reached into his pocket.  A struggle then ensued and afterward, Pickinpaugh was arrested.  Investigators found a glass pipe with residue and a razor blade.  That residue pretested positive for meth.

While he was being escorted to a police car, Spilker said Pickinpaugh had spit on an officer’s head.

Pickinpaugh was arrested for an outstanding arrest warrant, and is facing possession of a controlled substance charges, felony resisting arrest subsequent offense charges, assault on a police officer by bodily fluids and disturbing the peace.