Lincoln, NE (August 7, 2020) Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird’s regular 3:30 PM Friday Covid-19 briefing will be delivered at 2:30 PM This afternoon.  KFOR will carry the briefing live at 1240 AM and 103.3 FM.

Fridays are the regular days for updating the City’s Covid-19 Risk Dial.  The dial is currently in the lower orange range.  Orange indicates a high risk of spread of the virus.

Also possible:  Further information on the City’s response to a Court ruling Thursday reaffirming the City’s authority to close down any business violating Health Department directives.  The Department issued an order to close Madsen’s Bowling and Billiards last weekend, the business owners declined, and the unsuccessful request for an injunction followed.

City-Count health Director Pat Lopez issued a statement last night, following the ruling, saying:  “If violations continue to be observed at Madsen’s, the Health Department will issue an order for the business to close and to remain closed until Madsen’s submits a plan to comply with the Directed Health Measure and that plan is approved by the Health Department.”

Further action could be announced at today’s briefing.