Mental Health Crisis For A Man Resolved With The Help From LPD

LINCOLN–(KFOR May 7)–A 24-year-old man walking in traffic near a southeast Lincoln intersection caused commuters to be diverted away, as police dealt with the victim for about two-and-a-half hours on Thursday evening.

Police Officer Luke Bonkiewicz says officers were called to 70th and Yankee Woods Drive, where the man was walking in traffic, by going in front of cars, screaming at them and demanding they run him over.  Officers started diverting traffic away from the area, once they arrived.  Bonkiewicz says officers soon realized the man was having a mental health crisis.

The man had a knife and yelled at officers to treat him like a felon and shoot him.  Bonkiewicz says officers are familiar with the man and kept their distance, while communicating with him.  The man later calmed down and explained why he was upset.

The man was taken into protective custody without incident and connected him to mental health resources.