Mental Health Telehealth Appointments Grew 6,500% in 1 Year

(KFOR NEWS  June 1, 2021)   Teletherapy saw a 154% increase in use in March 2020 compared to the year before according to the CDC.  New reporting from LexisNexis reveals just how much of a surge took place — mental health telehealth visits have increased 6,500% in just one year.  In fact, among the top five diagnoses via telehealth in your region is “mental health conditions,” coming in at number one.

Using Google Trends data from spring 2020 to spring 2021, customer support BPO Sykes Enterprises analyzed which teletherapy apps generated the most interest among U.S. residents.
As for Nebraska, Nebraskans have been heavily searching for the “7 Cups” app during the pandemic.

7 Cups is particularly notable for its free 24/7 chat option, which connects people with “listeners” — or non-professional volunteers — in addition to paid teletherapy services from licensed mental health professionals.  BetterHelp is often recognized for providing group therapy sessions and counseling via phone calls, which many competitors do not offer.
Here’s what the rest of the U.S. has been searching for this past year: