More Developments Coming to West Haymarket

Haymarket Parking Garage (Courtesy of

Mayor Chris Beutler announced Tuesday new proposed developments for the Haymarket.

At the special meeting, the West Haymarket Joint Public Agency announced a sale agreement for the empty lot just north of the Hudl building at Canopy and Q Streets. WRK will be buying the lot for $1.55 million and says they plan to construct a multi-use building at the site. Beutler said it would continue the entertainment and dining area just south of the Pinnacle Bank Arena.

Beutler also announced the JPA plans to purchase property at 215 South 7th Street. The 17,000-square-foot building is the former home of Jacobson Cold Storage and Demma Fruit Company. The JPA will be paying just over $2 million dollars for the property and plans to build a park and plaza in its space.

The Joint Public Agency will hold a public hearing on the proposals at its December 27th meeting.



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