NCCW Placed in Quarantine

(KFOR NEWS  January 15, 2021)   The Nebraska Correctional Center for Women (NCCW) in York is on quarantine status due to a recent uptick in staff members and inmates testing positive for COVID-19.

“Based on the initial positive cases, testing was offered to all women living in that facility. Approximately 45 percent of the population accepted so far,” said Scott R. Frakes, director of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS). “As the results come in, we will be able to medically isolate those who have the virus from other members of the population.”

NCCW is the latest facility to experience an outbreak of coronavirus. The facility currently houses 10 women and five children in its nursery program.

“The facility is unique in that regard, but the women who live at NCCW are to be commended for adhering to all of the universal health precautions that have been in place since the start of the pandemic. I have no doubt that their actions are in large part responsible for keeping the virus at bay this long,” said Dir. Frakes.

Women with children are housed in an area separate from other women in the facility.

“We have taken numerous precautions to ensure the health and safety of the women and children in our nursery program,” said NCCW Warden Angela Folts-Oberle. “Facility health staff will make sure they are checked regularly throughout the quarantine period.”

NDCS reopened the inmate visitation program at all 10 facilities last week. Due to the recent cases at NCCW, visitation at that institution will be suspended again.

“It is unfortunate to close visitation, so soon after restarting,” said Warden Folts-Oberle. “Once we get past this and our population is healthy again, we will resume visits.”

“Should the number of symptomatic or positive cases start to increase again in any of the facilities, we will act quickly to suspend visitation,” said Dir. Frakes. “With the exception of NCCW right now, our hope is to keep the visitation program going and give people an opportunity to see their loved ones in person.”

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