NE Among 11 States Marked “Very High” For Flu Activity

(KFOR NEWS  December 28, 2022)  Covid-19, RSV, and the flu are all major health worries this season.

The latest report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows Nebraska to be among U.S. states marked with “very high” flu activity.

Cases of influenza (the flu) are rising in Nebraska and all over the country. Before COVID-19, the flu season would typically peak in January or February.  This season, flu cases are rising earlier than typical and growing rapidly,” reports Nebraska Med.  On an activity scale from “minimal” to ‘very high,’ Nebraska is currently in the ‘very high’ category.

  • According to the report, these are the states that have seen a large increase in flu cases:
    • California
    • Oklahoma
    • Maine
    • North Dakota
    • Tennessee
    • Washington
    • Idaho
    • Nebraska
    • Colorado
    • New Mexico
    • Ohio

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that, in the United States, there have already been at least 6.2 million illnesses, 53,000 hospitalizations, and 2,900 deaths from flu so far this season.  See the CDC’s interactive weekly influenza report by state.”

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